How to Get the Best Deal at Chipotle

One of my favorite lunch places is Chipotle. Although they are a chain restaurant, they try to do things a little differently. Sustainably and naturally raised meat without hormones added. Locally sourced ingredients when possible. There food is delicious and fast. I don’t know what magic they are using but their meat is so flavorful, juicy and tender. The seating area is sleek and modern in a casual dining atmosphere.

Ordering is pretty simple. Most items are around $7

Step 1: Pick your type of entree, Burrito (warning they are huge), Tacos (soft or crunchy), Bowl or Salad.

Step 2: Pick your main ingredient (Carnitas (pork), Barbacoa (shredded beef), Chicken or Steak, or Guacamole

Step 3: Pick your Rice (White w/ cilantro & Lime, Brown w/ cilantro & Lime or ask for plain white rice)

Step 4: Pick your beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce

If you are on a budget or on a diet, your best option is actually under the little known Kids section of the menu. The “Build Your Own Taco Kit” is a great deal. You get 2 tacos, choice of main ingredient and two additional ingredients. Also comes with a bag of chips and a kids drink or milk or juice. Generally, if you ask nicely they will give you a side of salsa for free as well. All comes on a cute little tray for you to assemble your own taco. Designed for children and picky eaters. I find it perfectly filling for an adult. It comes in at just under $5.14655303206_b0e05ff14f_o (1)

Ruff Life – Vintage OKC

This summer I had a chance to visit a few neat vintage shops in Oklahoma City. The Ruff Life in located in the Plaza District on NW 16th and Indiana. Hours: T thru Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 1pm-5pm, Closed Mondays


It is one of the newer additions to the Plaza District. The Ruff Life opened up in 2013. They sell quality lingerie and corsets which are a little more unique and with a wider range in sizes than you might find in the local mall. They also sell an ever changing selection of vintage clothing. I was really impressed with the quality of 1950s and 60s, dresses, swing coats, shirts and purses that they have. Most pretty reasonable priced around $20 and up.14671585707_705cbe0fc7_o

RetroOKC – Plaza District


A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents in OKC and had the chance to explore the Plaza District. This is a shopping district on NW 16th and Indiana, that is revitalizing an old area that has been around since the 1920s. They remodeled the old movie theatre and now it is surrounded by cute vintage and antique shops, art galleries and a few restaurants.

One of the shops is called Retrokc. It is a nice store packed with mid-century furniture, art work, atomic dishes and knick knacks. The owner is very nice and new items tend to rotate in pretty quickly.



1708 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Hours vary a bit and they are closed Sunday & Monday.

Tues-Thurs – 1pm-6pm

Fri & Sat – 2pm-8pm



They also have an Etsy store if you can’t make it there in person. Prices are fairly reasonable and they do also buy vintage items. They focus on 1950s, 1960s, mod and tikki.


Thrift Store Review – Assistance League Thrift House


I’ve been trying to make it into this thrift store for about 2 years! Whenever I’m in this area of town they always seem to be closed.

Assistance League Thrift House

4901 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756

Hours: Weds thu Saturday – 10am to 4:30pm

The Good:

This is a local charity which is all run by volunteers so 100% of your purchase or donation goes to charity. This is one of the more neatly organized thrift shops I’ve been into. The workers are a lovely group of nice old ladies. Great location! Across the street from a fab little diner called The Omelettry and a vintage store called Top Drawer. Down the street from Savers Thrift.

IMG_8138 IMG_8137

The Bad:

Limited Hours!! If you work during the day it means it is hard to get there before it closes. Not a lot of cute vintage finds on this trip but I’ll keep trying. Prices were a bit high for what seemed to be mostly stuff from the 1990s. Dresses ranged from $10 up to $60. Some framed photos were $30. Smallish shop which was surprisingly crowded for a Friday at 3pm.


Stitch Lab – Austin Fabric Store


Last week, my best friend and I checked out an adorable fabric store called Stitch Lab. It is in central Austin and is located in several adorable little 1920s bungalows on 1st street. You will notice them by the colorful paint jobs and cute sign out front.

Stitch Lab

1000 South 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Hours: M-Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun:1pm-6pm

They have super adorable prints. Lots of thread, buttons and ribbon. If you are looking for quality felt for crafting or for plastic coated fabric for making tablecloths or lunch bags this is the place to go.


Everything is arranged beautifully and so colorful and stylish. This staff are friendly young ladies and very helpful. They also offer a wide range of classes for people who have never sewn before up thru people trying to learn more advanced techniques. They even have sewing machines you can use. They also sell vintage sewing machines and do repairs.IMG_8131 IMG_8132

Tips on Thrifting


Tip: Check the Bedding Section for more than just sheets

One of my recent thrift store finds came from a section many people overlook: the curtain or bedding section. I found a gorgeous red sari with gold trim mixed in with the same section as the sheets. The person pricing and stocking it didn’t realize it was actually an Indian wrap dress. So I picked this lovely sari up for $6.99 from Savers on Burnet Road here in Austin. Could be used as a dress, a curtain or tablecloth.

The bedding section will also have good deals on curtains and shower curtains. Sometimes you find pinch pleat vintage curtains for cheap or nice new double lined black out curtains for less than $10. Great source for fabrics for sewing projects as well.

Picked up the above set of 3 ceramic blue and white Asian soup spoons with a fish design for $3. Savers also has a section along the wall pre-bagged items. Each has 3 to 5 items with home decor, toys, office supplies or kitchen ware for very cheap. Sometimes you may not want everything in the bag but they are generally still a great deal. You can always re-donate the unwanted item. My bag had the spoons and happened to come with a cute ceramic teacup or sake cup. I use it for dipping sauces rather than tea as it is quite small.


One of my photos got 1000 hits on Flickr. This is more views than any of the other vintage items I’ve posted. It is a lovely gold rhinestone watch fromthe 1950s or so.


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