Thrift Store Items – Savers

Long time since my last post. Sorry, life getting in the way again 🙂

Thought I’d share some thrift store items. Savers in Austin from summer 2016. Great place to buy dishes, pot and pans. People get rid of a lot of usable kitchen items!


Thirteen piece set of smoked glass bowls, casserole dishes, pie dish and pan. These were popular from the late 1970s til early 1990s. A steal at 2.99 for single items and then some in a set for $5.99 for four bowls. When looking at set of dishes at the thift store be sure to check separate aisles as pieces sometimes get separated when pricing and stocking.


I see quite a few pressure cookers at the thrift store these days. Popular in the 60s and 70s. These are used today for canning or for those in the know for cooking faster. (Hint: that doesn’t include me as I’ve never used one!)


This one is a Presto Pressure Cooker for $13.99. Look for a sturdy clean one with a secure lid. Made in the USA in Wiscounsin. This is a 5150 Model 60  by national Pressure Cooker Co. Brand new ones still go for $30+.


Club brand cast aluminum pot with lid in pale green.These were popular in the 1960s and 70s. Great vibrant color. Sturdy and distribute heat very evenly. These are thick aluminum with bakelite handles. Thickness mimic cast iron but is light weight. Club logo on the lid and the bottom of the pan.




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