New Austin ReStore from Habitat for Humanity

So, the Austin Restore has a brand spanking new location! Now located at 500 W. Ben White Blvd. Just north of Hwy 290 access road and 1st Street.


This new building is located just north of Hwy 290 on the access road and 1st Street. It has ample parking. It is bigger, brighter, cleaner and a little more organized. They also accept donations. See my previous two reviews of the charming original Habitat for Humanity Restore here   and here.

Sooo, while I love the new store….it does lack some of the charm and rock bottom prices the original warehouse seemed to have. But it still supports a good cause. And of course every visit is different as new treasures roll in.

As you enter, the first section is used furniture. They seem to have a wider selection of good quality pieces. However, the are priced more like a Goodwill (aka a little steep).IMG_6064IMG_6065

Further in you come to light fixtures both used and new. Tons of old doors, old windows, new floor tiles, new paint, new ceramic bathroom tiles. Reclaimed plumbing fixtures like sinks, toilets and bathtubs. As well as some new plumbing fixtures. Since Habitat’s main business is building houses for low income families, they have a lot of fixtures and supplies which they buy in bulk.

Some of my favorite things are old antique doors. I grew up in a 1920s house so am partial to the solid wood paneled doors. This time they had a adorable exterior kitchen door with a glass upper section. Best part , it was salmon pink! Second best part, it was only $65! New these doors can go for $200- $500 at a big box store. If you can even find the style and size to fit your old house. If only I was a home owner! They also had a beautiful full glass panel wood front door. Stained dark and with the original wobbly glass, circa 1880s thru 1930s. They also have more modern and new doors.

The other thing I love are old appliances. While when I went they didn’t have as many as the old store did, they still had some cute ones. I don’t know if people are snapping them up as soon as they come in or if people haven’t gotten used to donating to the new store. They also had a few commercial grade ovens and RV type stove tops. Click the images below to enlarge.

I would love to hear what treasurers you have found at your local architectural salvage place.


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