Fredricksburg Peaches – Daytrips from Austin #1

I thought I would do a series about some fun day trips from Austin, TX. There are many small towns, fun shopping places and beautiful natural sites to see around the Texas Hill Country.


Location – Fredricksburg, Texas

Distance – 75 miles (about 1.5 hrs)

Sites – Peaches!!!

I know “Peaches” might seem like a bit of an odd site seeing destination, but wait til you taste them. I thought Fredricksburg was know as a quaint German town with B&B’s, antiques, restaurants and historic sites? Yes, of course you will find all that there as well. But in early summer you will also see the roadside fruit stands that the local farms and orchards have. Similar to garden fresh tomatoes vs store bought tomatoes, the taste of fresh picked peaches is amazing.

Along Hwy 290, from about the tiny town of Hye, Texas thru Stonewall, TX and right into Fredricksburg you will see signs for Peaches. All are good family owned farms. Peaches are picked daily and the salesperson can explain the different varieties. Peaches come in small or large varieties. Some have white pale flesh, some yellow, some more orange. They come normal or “stone free” which means the pit does not clings to the flesh. Some have thin skins with less fuzz. The sales people also typically can tell you what ones are ready to eat today or those ready tomorrow or the next day. Be aware these are NOT the rock like peaches from the store that take a week to ripen. Plan on using them very soon or preserving them in a pie, jam or canning them. You can buy just a few peaches, a small box or a huge flat. They also often sell other veggies like tomato, peppers, etc.

I stopped at Vogel’s Orchard which has a super cute indoor store that sells jams and other sundries. The inside is decorated with a sort of modern shabby chic vibe.


Recipes – I ate some of my peaches just plain and simple. No muss, no fuss. The next day I ate them sliced over ice cream. They also go well with yogurt, fresh whipped cream, granola or cereal. The third day they were getting a little too ripe so I baked them into a Peach Crumble. Sort of like a shortbread dough in a casserole dish with sliced or mashed peaches in the middle then a spinkle of “crumbs” aka more shortbread dough but in crumbly pieces. You can also spinkle granola or chopped nuts on top. Similar to cobbler but not so gooey.


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