Oscars – Comparisons to Outlander Style

Is it just me or am I seeing a lot of dresses on the red carpet this year sporting some very Outlander inspired dresses? Particularity Season 2 of Outlander which is set in Paris in the 1700s so has lots of gorgeous ball gowns with full skirts and embroidery.


Janelle Monae who was nominated for the wonderful movie Hidden Figures. I will say she looks pretty but I’m a little unsure on this dress. Certainly a bold statement. The skirt which has a very wide poofy fullness reminds me a lot of Claire’s dresses in Outlander. Also, the French style of having a split overskirt with a different underskirt peeking through the middle.


Leslie Mann is stunning in this yellow gown.The full skirt and voluminous amount of fabric remind me of Outlander. They also of course remind me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast which is never a bad thing. The only thing I might change is the bow along the bustline as I think it is a little oddly placed.

AvaDuVernay.jpgAva DuVernay looks beautiful in this gray lace embellished dress. She was nominated as best director for her documentary 13th. Elegant and classic design. This one reminds me of Outlander because of the wide skirt. Usually awards season features sleek skirts or if poofy they tend more for a A-line, whereas this dress is more full at the hips. The only thing I would change on this one would be a belt or a sash to more clearly define the waist.

octaviaSpencer.jpgThis is Octavia Spencer who looks stunning and was also nominated for Hidden Figures. Her poofy ball gown stye skirt also reminds me of Outlander. I love everything about this dress. The feathers are soft and romantic without being overwhelming. The simple satin bodice is also lovely.


Kirsten Dunst is beautifully dressed as always. Definitely, worthy of the Best Dressed list for the 2017 Oscars. Black satin dress with a full ballgown skirt reminiscent of Claire’s dresses from Outlander. Kirsten was also nominated for Hidden Figures.

Cynthia Erivo.jpgAnd last but not least Cynthia Erivo in this lovely dress. While her skirt is more of an A-line style, it is the mass amounts of floral embroidery that reminds me of Outlander. She looks flawless!

If you see any other vintage style dresses at the awards shows please leave me comment below.


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