Aladdin Thermos Set in Red


Aladdin Thermos Containers

So, I’ve been collecting Aladdin thermos sets for a few years. (That’s Aladdin the company not the movie). Jeez, they make good products. These plastic insulted thermos from the 1960s and 1970s (and 80s and 90s) work well and still look nice!

But in an effort to reduce my ever growing horde….I’m selling these on Etsy.

These are all my Vintage Red & Cream colored Aladdin food storage set. Lot includes HY-LO thermos bottle, extra lid and stopper and 3 insulated food containers.

Marked on bottom with “Aladdin Industries, Inc., Nashville, Tenn. U.S.A. ” which means they were made between 1965 and 2002 when that plant closed.


Aladdin Hy-Lo Thermos

Quart Hy-Lo Thermos with Red cup / top lid and red base, beige rippled side with a handle. It’s very clean inside. Insulates coffee or soup to keep it hot hot hot or for cold liquids. Thermos measures just over 11 in tall. Great for picnics or taking your lunch to work. I use the thermo jars for yogurt, manly men use it for soup.

See more photos of this item on my flickr

Qty 2 – No. 240 cup / lid in red
Qty 2 – No. 44 stopper (screws on) in beige
Qty 1 – No. 060A filler (metal piece vacuum flask on the inside of the thermos)
Qty 1 – WM1060P plastic thermos in beige Quart Size, Wide Mouth
Qty 2 – #7000 Thermo Jar (beige / cream) (Urethane Insulated) 4 in tall
Qty 1 – #7000 Thermo Jar (beige) (Foam Insulated) 4 in tall
Qty 2 – Red lids for #7000 Thermo Jar with classic script Aladdin logo
Qty 1 – Red lid for #7000 Thermo Jar with modern block Aladdin logo

Circa 1960s, 70s or 80s. Very good used condition. One jar has a scratch on a seam.

My jars are from 2 different time periods. The 2 older ones with the script logo are ever so slightly a different color beige (kind of cream/ pleasant yellow). I never noticed until I took the photos. The older ones are marked Urethane which is simply the scientific name for the foam that is internal. Jar lids are “refreezeable” and have permanent liquid internally.That is some cutting edge 1960s Mad Men era technology.

Anyone, know when the Aladdin logo changed from a script to the block type with a slanted “A”.


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