Thrift Store Finds – Old Kitchen Appliances & more

So, thought I’d share a few thrift store finds from a couple of months ago. These are just some random items I thought were interesting. I was strong and didn’t actually buy any of them.

Check out this huge ceramic Asian lamp! Amazing, these fit a decor that are both retro and modern. They can run several hundred dollars. This one was like $50 which is a little high for a thrift store but still. I believe these are called ginger jar lamps. This one has a white lattice work cut out of a tree.


Here is another classic avocado green Crock Pot. This one is a Princess Pot-o-Plenty. This one was marked down to like $10. This is from the 1970s and even has recipe info on the front.


Here is a bit of a woddity. An electric peeler for vegetables. This is a GE Peeling Wand. Below is an ad from a 1978 newspaper showing the wand which sold for $23.



They also had a pristine couch with a geometric yellow print. This style was popular from the 1950s thru the 1970s.


Here is another 1970s kitchen gem that has mostly disappeared from modern kitchens. A Rival Meat Grinder for making sausage or meatballs. This one is a bright yellow.


Another thing that has gone out of fashion. Cloth wall calendars. This one is from 1974 and has a rooster and sunflowers on it. My grandma always had one of these, even up until the 1990s. But as computers and smart phones have taken hold calendars are less used.


Here is a Sunbeam waffle maker in stainless steel. This is a classic and they were build to last. Great for breakfast or even grilled cheese sandwiches. This one was marked down to $8. Guessing from the cloth chord this one is from the 1960s or 70s.


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