Architectural Salvage at the Austin ReStore

I had another visit to the Restore in east Austin. It is like a thrift store for DIY and designers. You never know what treasure you will find. They are also a great place to donate fixtures or building supplies if you are remodeling and taking out functioning pieces.. See my previous post on Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.


This ReStore is in an old warehouse decorated with a mural, next to a playground and has limited parking. (UPDATE: this store has moved! New Address is 500 W. Ben White. The new store has similar products) 310 Comal St., Austin, TX 78702 M-F 8-6pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun Closed  Right off East 4th Street. They also accept donations. While you are in the neighborhood check out E. 6th Street which is where all the young hip clubs, restaurants, and bars are moving in.


They have a little bit of everything. Sort of like a reclaimed Home Depot. They have vintage and modern kitchen appliances. It of course varies from day to day as things can go pretty fast. Above is a retro GE oven from the 60s or 70s in a cream color. They also have all sorts of lights, lamps, fans, and electrical items both new stock that stores donate and vintage like the light cover above.

They always have an assortment of ceramic tiles, vintage soap dishes, towel bars, etc. And the prices are way cheaper than the big box stores and the items are perfectly usable. Great place to find replacement tiles that might no longer be available new.

IMG_4871 IMG_4870

A good place for students to get dorm room furniture. I think these office chairs were like $10.


I’m in love with this three compartment kitchen sink! If only I were re-doing my kitchen…. So they have tons of kitchen and bathroom sinks. The have more modern 90’s type sinks as well as vintage ones with the hudee ring. They have tiny sinks and huge sinks. Occasionally they will have ones reclaimed from restaurants. They have vintage bathroom sinks and pedestal sinks suitable to match anything from the 1920s up thru the 60s. Mostly white, cream or stainless steel. On a rare day you might find a pastel blue or pink. Some of these sinks were a true bargain at just $30


IMG_4867 IMG_4865


They also have cabinets, vanities and shelving. A lot could be cut down and re-purposed. Sometimes items get separated so be sure to look thru the entire area. I believe this tall narrow kitchen cabinet from the 40s or 50s goes with the doors that were located on the other end of the huge room.

IMG_4862 IMG_4861

Sometimes they are rather modern cabinets. You can buy the whole cabinet below for the price of just one of the handles if bought new. They also sell some brand new items like paint and hardware supplies.



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