Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter

This is a costume I made for my father. All from vintage items from the thrift store and for less than $15 bucks. It is of course the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. My niece was Alice and my other friend I made a Queen of Hearts costume for and her boyfriend was the King of Hearts.

How to Find a Thrift Store Costume:

Tip #1 – start looking early
It took me more than a month and frequent trips to find all the items. But of course I go once a week anyway.
Tip #2 – do some research
Look at the original source of the costume (in this case the animated classic Alice in Wonderland). Price new costumes or look at ones other people have made for inspiration.
Tip #3 – be flexible
This isn’t a cosplay contest, you don’t have to be exact. People just need to look at you and be able to identify your character. So what, the shade of blue is slightly different. Relax and have some fun.
Tip #4 – accessories, accessories.
These can make or break your costume. For this one the tag on the top hat really seals the deal.

Mad Hatter
A – the top hat
Came from a previous costume and came from a supply store and is plastic. Jazzed up with some orange ribbon as a hat band that I already had. Made the 10/6 tag by had from an index card.

B – the jacket
Wide label and crazy colors was what I was aiming for. Found this 1970’s blue ladies suit jacket for $6 (even came with matching skirt) at my fav thrift store.

C – the pants
Once again a thrift store find from the ladies section (don’t limit yourself to half the store). Bright purple 1980s pants for $4. Finding pants that fit was an issue.

D – the vest
Or as the Brits call it a shirt waist. Same thrift store, $3 for a tan vest. It was even reversible and flipped to a denim on the otherside.

E – the tie
Searching for a big floppy tie for a bow like in the movie. As men used to tie them from what were basically scarves, that is exactly was I got. A navy blue silk scarf for $1 (yay sale days!)

F – the dress shirt
This is a plain old white dress shirt my Dad already owned.

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