Halloween Time

Yay, it is October! Fall is in the air and the weather is beautiful. Soon the leaves will start changing to lovely colors. But best of all Halloween is soon!

Time to pick a costume or put the finishing touches on the one you’ve already picked out. This month I’m going to showcase some of the past costume I’ve worn.

A few years ago I was a grown up Cinderella. Rather than go for the el cheapo costumes from a Halloween Warehouse store, I decided to do it right. What would a real faery godmother make for a hopeful princess to wear? A flimsy polyester dress or a real quality piece of clothing? So, I made my own formal gown (shhhh so a family member made it for me as my sewing skills aren’t that great.)

Anywho, a gorgeous pale blue satin two piece dress. The top is a classic bodice with some very light boning and a zipper up the side. The skirt is a very full ankle length circle skirt.

Worn with a petticoat or crinoline (which I actually did sew myself, by hand no less). For the petticoat, I didn’t want to spend a fortune for those bridal crinoline so went DIY instead. I happened across some sheer curtain fabric at the thrift store in a matching pale blue for about $5. So with so much fabric I just folded the curtains in half and sewed a channel for a drawstring. Put about six panels of curtains on the drawstring and voila. A matching blue petticoat that was poofy, swishy and not scratchy. I didn’t mind it peeking out either. And when Halloween was over I simply removed the threads holding the channel in place and now have nice sheer curtains. You can of course go to the fabric store and get that stiff netting and make a similar petticoat as well.

The most important part of a costume is accessories. The black ribbon I wore as a necklace really made the outfit scream Cinderella. I also got a blonde Cinderella wig and some elbow length gloves. My “glass” slipper were actually clear blue plastic jelly shoes (vintage from the Salvation Army thrift store of course). The only thing I would have added would be some sashes at the waist and some little poofy sleeves, but alas I was short on time.

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