Lost in Austin

So, new blog title with a new focus. Now that I moved to Austin, Texas I thought I’d make this blog a little more personal. In the past, I focuses mostly on my thrift store finds, a bit of history and some design highlights. While that is interesting, I think I have more to say and offer. Since I live in a cooler little city with more shops, restaurants, art, live music and events (ahem SXSW maybe you’ve heard of it); I hope to post a little more frequently.

I’ve visited Austin frequently in the past as I’ve had family in this area. Indeed all of my family is from Texas be it Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin or San Antonio. I’ve spent at least half my life here already. A little hotter, a little more cowboy perhaps. Same unique pioneer spirit and rich history. Austin being the headquarters for Whole Foods and having an IKEA is definitely a plus. After graduating college in New Orleans I had even hoped to go to UT Austin for grad school. Life had other plans which has worked out alright in the end. With a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird” how can I not fit in.


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