Thred Up – Upcycled Clothing & Make a Little Cash on your Spring Cleaning


Periodically I go through my closet and get rid of clothing I no longer need. Usually, I just donate it to Goodwill or Salvation Army. This time I heard about a new way to get rid of clothes and maybe make a bit of cash. The best part is it is easy and all by mail and online so I don’t even have to leave the house.

Basically, thredUp is a website to buy and sell gentle used name brand clothes. The clothes come from people like you and me mailing in clothes they don’t need. You earn either store credits or cash via paypal.

The shopping aspect reminds me a bit of ModCloth’s vintage section. What? You didn’t know ModCloth had one of a kind vintage items? Its a bit of a secret feature…You have to be logged into modcloth to see it either via email or FB login. That is actually how modcloth started out. Things are cute, well-photographed and go super super fast.


ThredUp Shopping – First of all I love the design of the website. Stylish, modern and very user-friendly. I also love the prices. Cute casual dresses for under $10 that likely came from Target or JCPenney’s etc. Of course each piece is priced individually, so they range for more expensive designer brands also. I like that they have plus sized clothing (on plus sized mannequins ) which is very helpful.  You do have to be logged in to browse and buy things. They have a feature where you can create a “personal shop” that remembers your search features like sizes, styles etc.

ThredUp Selling – Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Create an account and ask for a mailer bag (right now they are free, sometimes they are $4.95)


2. Fill the bag with gently used clothing.

3. Seal the bag, postage is already paid and labelled on the bag. Leave by your mail box for USPS or drop at post office,            FedEx or UPS.


Then the magic happens. They receive your bag and evaluate each item. They say they only accept about 50% of items which meet their quality standards. Items they don’t accept get donated to charity or if you select it in advance and pay for it, returned to you by mail. The standards they use are: is it in good condition, a known brand they accept, stylish or from a recent collection and an item they don’t already have a ton of. Then they photograph your item and put it up for sale. They give you an upfront payment on items based on their sale price and for higher priced items automatically become consignment and you are paid when the item sells. You can use your funds as a store credit or after 14 days can be cashed out into a paypal account.

Before sending in items check out their Clothing Calculator or Pricing Estimator to see what brands and items they take and the possible amount you might get.

Items they DON’T take: men’s wear, formal gowns, business suits, undergarments, damaged items, dirty/stained items, items with the labels cut out, certain common brands like from Wal-Mart like Faded Glory.

Items they DO take: women’s clothing, kids clothing, cocktail dresses, swim wear, shoes, handbags, and accessories from most stores like Target, Gap, JCPenney’s, Dillard’s, Foley’s, Neiman Marcus, Lane Bryant, DressBarn, White House Black Market. They also take maternity and juniors or teen clothes.

My bag

Selecting Items –  So I went thru my closet looking for things that don’t fit me, don’t flatter me or weren’t as cute as I originally thought. Things like that adorable dress that just needs to be taken in a few inches but has been sitting in my closet for a year. Or items I have several similar items of. Do I really need 4 black pencil skirts? I ended up with a pile of about 10 items. Mostly dresses, a few skirts, a pair of pants and a top.Then I looked at the tags and typed them into the Clothing Calculator. Some things might have only estimated like 50 cents and I think I’d rather keep those. Some things estimated anywhere from $1 to $10. Washed all my items. Folded them and put them in the bag.

Mailing the Items – These bags are made of thin plastic and fit quite a lot. I took a photo of the tracking number and dropped the bag off at the post office. Dropped off on the 5th and FedEx delivered it on the 15th, so it is a bit slow but not terrible. Then thredUp took a few days to process. They send you an email. I ended up getting about $17 so that’s cool. These are items I would have donated anyway. The funds sit as store credit for 14 days then you can withdraw to paypal.

Selling – ThredUp sells everything for you. All my items were upfront payment rather than consignment. They accepted 5 of my items. They store your bag history so you can see all your items. They don’t outline how much you get per item but rather for the entire bag. It is a little surreal seeing something that was sitting in your closet suddenly on the web looking all fancy and professionally photographed. Out of curiosity, I check the sale prices and whether an item has sold. Within a week I could see that 3 items had sold so nice to see I have some good taste. 😉

Check out my Bag – You can also shop items from a particular household. This is cool to find items in a similar size or style.

Below is one of my items. I saw it and thought to myself the same things I did when I bought it. OOOOooo look how pretty that is. I would totally wear that. It was lovely fabric and flattering. My issue with it was it was a bit too dressy for everyday outfits and it is a bit more bright and colorful than I typically wear.


What I wish I had done….Made a list of what I sent or taken a photo. Now I can’t really remember what I sent in that they didn’t accept.

Note –  if an item says “unavailable” or “you just missed it” that means someone has it in their Cart but has not completed the sale yet. You might check back later as some people change their minds.

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