Vintage Apron

So, I finally added some new listing to my etsy shop. I have been lazy (and without a functioning external flash since before Christmas). Among them is an adorable floral half apron from the 1950s.


Being a plus size gal myself, I was happy to find a few XL aprons at an estate sale. This one is handmade and probably fits up to an 18 or 20 dress size. If you are small or medium it would look fine too. But if you wear a large size you know who frustrating it can be to find a vintage anything. And since the whole idea of an apron is to protect your clothes wearing one that doesn’t actually cover the front of your dress while doing those domestic goddess things like baking is a bit silly.

IMG_1697This floral pattern of tiny roses reminds me of flour sack dresses and indeed might be made from one. This also has a bright pink ribbon detail with white lace. And a pocket.

Also, am I the only one that has seen a decline in sales for vintage on etsy? My shop has been dead as a doornail for months? Is it that I’m not promoting enough or has it become like ebay with a huge amount of vendors but not enough buyers?


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