Austin – Farmer’s Market – Comprehensive Listing

I recently discovered a centralized listing of all farmer’s markets in Austin. Wow, there is a lot more than just the normal Saturday time slot. It is on the website for the popular and free magazine Edible Austin which you can pick up at the various Farmer’s Markets as well as Whole Foods.


Some of these markets I didn’t even know were going on. Its exciting to see some farmer’s markets in East Austin as well as some evening ones in central Austin. Thankfully, being Texas most markets are year round as there is always some sort of veggies in season.


Farmer’s markets are a great way to get healthy food into so called “food deserts”. Food deserts are areas of a city which may have little or no grocery stores. These often occur in lower income areas which may not be desirable to big chain stores. These areas often have locals who work long hours and rely on public transportation; so grabbing high calorie but nutritionally lacking fast food is easier than getting a bus to a distant supermarket.  Did you know that most farmer’s markets accept EBT/Snap foodstamp cards for their fresh fruit, veg, meat, cheese, etc? In food deserts bringing a market to that neighborhood is a great resource for people who’s only nearby store may be a corner store with little or no fresh food. Usually, farmer’s markets are a festive and educational place with samples. Many have a live band or some food trucks as well.


I will re-list a few main Farmer’s Markets below.


Barton Creek Farmers Market  – Saturday 9am -1pm (Barton Creek mall parking lot)

SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown – Saturday 9am-1pm (Republic Sq Park)

SFC Farmers’ Market Sunset Valley – Saturday 9am-1pm (Toney Burger Center)

Cedar Park Farm to Market – Saturday 9am-1pm (Lakeline Mall parking lot)

Lone Star Farmers Market – Sunday 10am – 2pm ( in Bee Cave by Lowe’s)

Mueller Farmers’ Market – Sunday 10am-2pm (East Austin at “Browning Hangar”)

HOPE Farmers Market – Sunday 11am-3pm (East Austin –  E. 5th St & Comal)

Barton Creek Farmers Market – Sunday 11am – 3pm (Bluebonnet & S. Lamar)

SFC Farmers’ Market East – Tuesday 3pm-7pm (East Austin – MLK Blvd & Miriam Ave)

Pflugerville Farmers’ Market – Tuesday 3pm-7pm (Green Red Barn at Heritage Park)

SFC Farmers’ Market at the Triangle – Weds 3pm-7pm (4600 N. Lamar)

I find all the market’s fairly similar in Austin and the prices are reasonable. Full of good food and friendly folks. All the photos in this post are from the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market at Barton Creek Mall. For my review on that particular market see my earlier post.


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