Goodwill Finds – Lake Austin


Found a new to me Goodwill. Tucked away in old west Austin on Lake Austin Blvd near Exposition Blvd. Next to Maudie’s near the Randall’s. I’ve driven within a block of here hundreds of times and didn’t know it was there. This is called the Lake Austin – Goodwill.

IMG_0624 IMG_0623

It is a smaller store but certainly not tiny. Has the modern outside look, limited parking. Nicely organized and the staff was friendly. They had lots of cute bags and dresses. A decent amount of housewares and books as well. A few items of furniture. Not super crowded like some thrift stores. Priced comparable to other Goodwill stores.

I found a 1970s Sunbeam Mixmaster for $13 which reminded me of the Starship Enterprise.


I also found a 1970s Mirro Matic Whiz Grid Speed Grill in mustard yellow. Basically, an early George Foreman Grill. Did a quick Google Search and found another blog which had a scan of a magazine ad from the Dec 1975 Woman’s Day. I also found some newspaper ads from the 70s on Google News Search. These retailed for about $40 but I guess never quite caught on. Apparently, they stopped making them in 1981.


Still wanna buy one? I let this on stay at Goodwill. Currently, there is one on craiglist or try your luck with ebay.


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