How to Get the Best Deal at Chipotle

One of my favorite lunch places is Chipotle. Although they are a chain restaurant, they try to do things a little differently. Sustainably and naturally raised meat without hormones added. Locally sourced ingredients when possible. There food is delicious and fast. I don’t know what magic they are using but their meat is so flavorful, juicy and tender. The seating area is sleek and modern in a casual dining atmosphere.

Ordering is pretty simple. Most items are around $7

Step 1: Pick your type of entree, Burrito (warning they are huge), Tacos (soft or crunchy), Bowl or Salad.

Step 2: Pick your main ingredient (Carnitas (pork), Barbacoa (shredded beef), Chicken or Steak, or Guacamole

Step 3: Pick your Rice (White w/ cilantro & Lime, Brown w/ cilantro & Lime or ask for plain white rice)

Step 4: Pick your beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce

If you are on a budget or on a diet, your best option is actually under the little known Kids section of the menu. The “Build Your Own Taco Kit” is a great deal. You get 2 tacos, choice of main ingredient and two additional ingredients. Also comes with a bag of chips and a kids drink or milk or juice. Generally, if you ask nicely they will give you a side of salsa for free as well. All comes on a cute little tray for you to assemble your own taco. Designed for children and picky eaters. I find it perfectly filling for an adult. It comes in at just under $5.14655303206_b0e05ff14f_o (1)


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