Stitch Lab – Austin Fabric Store


Last week, my best friend and I checked out an adorable fabric store called Stitch Lab. It is in central Austin and is located in several adorable little 1920s bungalows on 1st street. You will notice them by the colorful paint jobs and cute sign out front.

Stitch Lab

1000 South 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Hours: M-Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun:1pm-6pm

They have super adorable prints. Lots of thread, buttons and ribbon. If you are looking for quality felt for crafting or for plastic coated fabric for making tablecloths or lunch bags this is the place to go.


Everything is arranged beautifully and so colorful and stylish. This staff are friendly young ladies and very helpful. They also offer a wide range of classes for people who have never sewn before up thru people trying to learn more advanced techniques. They even have sewing machines you can use. They also sell vintage sewing machines and do repairs.IMG_8131 IMG_8132


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