Tips on Thrifting


Tip: Check the Bedding Section for more than just sheets

One of my recent thrift store finds came from a section many people overlook: the curtain or bedding section. I found a gorgeous red sari with gold trim mixed in with the same section as the sheets. The person pricing and stocking it didn’t realize it was actually an Indian wrap dress. So I picked this lovely sari up for $6.99 from Savers on Burnet Road here in Austin. Could be used as a dress, a curtain or tablecloth.

The bedding section will also have good deals on curtains and shower curtains. Sometimes you find pinch pleat vintage curtains for cheap or nice new double lined black out curtains for less than $10. Great source for fabrics for sewing projects as well.

Picked up the above set of 3 ceramic blue and white Asian soup spoons with a fish design for $3. Savers also has a section along the wall pre-bagged items. Each has 3 to 5 items with home decor, toys, office supplies or kitchen ware for very cheap. Sometimes you may not want everything in the bag but they are generally still a great deal. You can always re-donate the unwanted item. My bag had the spoons and happened to come with a cute ceramic teacup or sake cup. I use it for dipping sauces rather than tea as it is quite small.


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