Sunbeam Mixmaster – 1940s


I found a darling vintage stand mixer at an antique shop in a small German town in Texas called Schulenburg. It is a Sunbeam Mixmaster in a lovely creamy yellow color. It was rather affordable and came with come attachments. The bright jade green bowl is a citrus juicer bowl and have a special ceramic attachment to juice citrus. I was hoping the bowl would fit my existing retro mixer but no dice. I also made my first video for flickr showing it running and my first youtube video showing how the juicer works.


It is a Model 7 Sunbeam Mixmaster. It was made during the WWII era in 1941. It has a bit of chipping paint and rust spots but I think that adds to the character. It has 10 speeds and each one lists what it is good for, like mixing dry ingredients or whipping potatoes. It come with the Jadeite green juicer bowl, the metal juicer spout, the white ceramic juicer and three metal beaters. The two beaters with the washers work great, but the third tends to fall out and may be from a different model.

These mixers look futuristic and tend to remind me of the classic Starship Enterprise. 😉 There are a ton more pics up on my flickr page.

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