Firmoo – How to Get a Free Pair of Prescription Sunglasses


If you have never ordered glasses online, I highly suggest it! I just got my first pair of FREE prescription glasses from Other online places like Coastal have similar first pair free for new customers.

I had been wanting some prescription sunglasses for years because I’m rather blind and finding sunglasses to fit over my current glasses was becoming a pain. I have medical insurance that covers vision but only 1 pair of glasses a year.

If you want more than one pair going with an affordable online place is a good idea. Read below for my little “How to” as the first time might be a little confusing. Before I ordered I not only went to a but looked at a few instructions from bloggers on how it is done.

You will need to know your prescription before ordering. Everyone’s is different, so be sure to use your own numbers. If you are really blind like me with an astigmatism it may be hard to order glasses online. My Cylinder shows this as the number is -5.50. Firmoo only goes down to -4.50. I did an online chat with one of their salesperson to confirm it. Bummer right? Since they were free, I figured I would just put in the -4.50 and see how it came out. They are actually totally fine, a smidge less sharp that my normal glasses. (Sort of like when the doctor ask is A clearer or B clearer? And you are thinking what, they seem pretty much the same to me.)

So I went with Firmoo rather than Coastal because of my strong prescription. Firmoo goes to -4.50 and Coastal only goes to -3.75. A fudge of the numbers worked for me with Firmoo, but it may or may not work on you depending on your eyes. If the glasses end up not being right for you, don’t wear them, donate them to one of the places that recycles glasses to the less-fortunate.

 How to Order Free Glasses Online

Step 1: Find out your Eyeglass Prescription

This means going to your optometrist for an eye exam. Ask them to give you a copy of your prescription. My eye doctor gave it to me without my even asking. I bought my standard pair of $180 normal frames from my doctor that are covered by my vision insurance. Some doctor’s might make you ask them for your prescription. I think they are used to this as buying online or from a cheaper retailer is a fairly common practice. You will need these numbers to order online. Honestly,  I don’t really know what they mean exactly, looks like a bunch of Greek. Go to WebMD for more details on what the numbers mean. The first line the OD is for your right eye and the second line the OS is for your left eye. Mine looks like this:

Sphere  Cylinder  Axis    Acuity
OD      -.50        -3.00    12       20
OS       +3.75     -5.50    172     20

Step 2: Sign up for a free account with

Step 3: Search for frames you like

My pair seem to be Out-ofStock now but look like this. I went with a brown tortoise shell with a sort of rectangular bug eye look as for sunglasses covering a bigger area for glare is good. A little bit nerd chic and a little bit retro.


Step 4: Add frames to cart

Step 5: Fill in the pop-up box at the bottom of screen for “How you will use your Glasses”

This means General glasses for distance, Reading Glasses for near, Bi-focal, Clear for fashion, No Lens if you will take your frame to your own doctor to be filled. I picked general

Step 6: Fill in the pop-up box with your prescription info

Step 7: Fill in the pop-up box with your Pupillary Distance

My what now? Ah, the measurement in millimeters (mm) between your pupils. Have a friend measure with a ruler or use a mirror. You need to look straight -ahead. Mine happens to be 70mm but everyone’s face is different. Or ask your eye doctor when you have your exam.

Step 8: Fill in the next box for “Lens Thickness”.

Standard 1.5 is FREE. If you have very poor vision (like me) you may need thicker lenses. Thus, you will likely want lens “indexing” which has a charge. (This is a different type of glass or different method to meet your prescription without having coke-bottle lens.) I went with the next option up Thin and Light (1.57) which cost me $15. Especially important for me as one eye is more blind than the other which would have made my eyeglasses uneven with one thick lens and one thin lens. Paying the little fee, means both lenses are thin and look normal. If the Free thickness is grayed out for you (as mine was) this means your prescription is high enough that they require it.

Step 9: Add-ons (This is wear the Sunglasses part come in)

Here you can pay a fee for Tinting. Since I wanted Sunglasses I paid the $10 for 80% Tint in Brown. (They also have tints in Purple, Green, Grey, and Blue.) Anti-Scratch is FREE on all glasses. You can also pay $35 for the “Photochromic” lenses that adjust to light and automatically transition and darken whenever you are in bright light.

Step 10: Select Shipping and Make Payment

Often, If your lenses are over a certain amount Shipping is FREE. Mine were not that high so I paid like $7 in shipping. So a total of about $32

Step 11: Wait 1 or 2 weeks for your shipment to arrive.

I was surprised to see my prescription sunglasses came with a hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth, a tiny screwdriver and spare screw in case the frame hinge screw ever falls out.


Step 12: Enjoy your glasses!!!

I love mine! I had never had prescription sunglasses. What a difference it makes! So because of my strong prescription and the tinting they weren’t exactly “free”. Only the frame and lens are free the rest are extras plus shipping. So $32 is the most I have ever spent on sunglasses, but as long as I take care of them well worth the investment.

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