End of an era….Food Trailers move off South Congress


Well, I’m a little sad to see the group of food trailers on South Congress and Monro have to leave. It had become a real hot spot for food trailers. The vendors occasionally changed but at least since 2011 their had been anywhere from 9 to 15 different food trucks in that empty parking lot. As of Memorial Day 2013, they were all forced to leave as that spot will become a mixed use building with shops along the street and either a hotel or apartments above.

The view above is from Google Map’s Streetview. You can see downdown in the distance. Looks a little different today. Cue the tumble weeds to blow across the empty parking lot. All in the name of progress I suppose. But it was so nice to go to one spot and have something for everyone. Not to mention being able to then stroll along all the neat shops across the street like Yard Dog, Uncommon Objects, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, etc.


I suppose that is the nature of being a food trailer, that they often move. Certainly, there is no shortage of food trailers in Austin. You can go a block north to S. Congress and Gibson for a few food trailers like Crepesmille, Fat Cactus, or “Hey! You Gonna eat or What?”. Or drive over to First Street where there are still a ton of food trucks. (See my next post for more locations and reviews of alternate places to look for great food trucks.)

My favorite vendor was Hey Cupcake! Thankfully, they simply moved a block north up Congress to a permanent corner on the other side of Congress Ave Baptist Church. They even have cute picnic tables and everything. They also have a brick and mortar store (and bakery) on N. Burnet.

Coat & Thai (?)

Frigid Frog Shaved Ice (now at Lamar and Bluebonnet)

Fry Baby  (?)

Hey Cupcake (now located on S. Congress and Elizabeth St)

Mighty Cone (now located at 2512 Rio Grande St, by 26th Street)

Short Bus Subs (2512 Rio Grand, by 26th Street and 3 other locations)

Wurst Tex (?)


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