DIY Finial and Curtain Rod for under $5


I finally hung curtains in the living room. I’ve had these cool curtain rod hangers that are swirly from Pottery Barn. They didn’t come with rods or finials. So I had to figure out a way to make it work on my own.


DIY Curtain Rod – $1.27

First I tried a standard curtain rod but they were too thick to fit in the hole. So I went to Lowe’s and got silver-toned metal conduit. A 10 ft length is $1.27! Cheapest curtain rod ever! They are basically like thin pipes, you can cut to length with a hacksaw. Or if you are a defenseless girl like me, sweet talk the Lowe’s pipe cutter to cut it for you. (They cut wood, glass and pipe for free but technically not conduit.) i asked nicely and purchased the $5 hacksaw he had to use as the pipe cutting machine is too strong and basically crushes conduit.


DIY Finial – $1

Now I just needed a finial. Why most of these are crazy expensive and or ugly I do not know. I went to the dollar store and looked in the floral area for Styrofoam balls. They have a bag with an assortment of sizes with 2 of each size. I used the largest. I colored them with origami paper I already had. You could use an thin paper like tissue paper or wrapping paper, strips of newspaper, etc. Glue to the Styrofoam ball. I used spray adhesive that is safe for foam ($7 at Lowes). You can use white glue, wood glue, or modge podge as well. Or the Papiermâché method of water and flour.



These came from Thrift Cit in Austin and were $10 a panel! Gorgeous copper to brown swirls pattern on a shiny cream background.



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