Not just another cupcake place…

Nothing Bundt Cakes


Who doesn’t love a good pun….sort of like Nothing But Cakes get it? Well in truth, they do sell more than just cakes. They have their version of a cupcake which is a tiny little bundt called a “bundtini”. They sell them by the dozen (I wish they would have half dozen). They also sell mini bundt cake called bundtlets which are like a huge cupcake that are $3.99, it says single serving but I think really its for two people.


I’d noticed a new cake bakery shop a few weeks ago across the parking lot from Panera, and I’m super glad I stopped in. They had free samples when I went in so I also got to try the pineapple flavored cake and the chocolate. Such delicious cakes! The shop is nicely decorated and they sell a little assortment of gifts and the staff was very friendly. They also sell full sized bundt cakes of course and mini-bundt cakes. I’ve tried the lemon and the red velvet. The cake is super moist but still light and fluffy. The frosting is really good too. Many cupcake places are mainly about the frosting and the cake is sort of an afterthought which is dry and flavorless. Here it is all about the cake! It tasted like heaven, topped with a dollop of buttercream.





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