Thrift City in Oklahoma City – Review & Finds

Thrift City is a relatively new thrift store. I think they have only been around for about a year or so. This was my first time to go there. I think it would become my favorite thrift store in town if I still lived there. (My previous favorite thrift store Unique Thrift in Windsors Hills Shopping Center closed!! It had been there at least 20 years!)

Anywho, Thrift City is located at 1617 N Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127 on NW 16th and Merieiden behind the Chelino’s mexican restaurant. It is also across the street from Bargain Thrift store.


This shopping center has certainly seen better days. However, the store inside is a nice and cozy place and everything seems clean. The lady at the register was super nice. The guy uploading the new items was friendly too.

Sale Prices

Don’t forget to ask for sale prices. On the day I went pink tags were .25 cents! Yellow tags were .99 cents and shoes were $2.98. This excluded men’s suits but not women’s clothes.

Long story short, I got several formal gowns for less than a dollar because they were the right color tag and must have been there for a few weeks.

Some lovely gems that I left behind for the next vintage treasure hunter are below.


First up an avocado green crock pot slow cooker. Or as this one is called the All American  Crockery Cook Pot, the SLO-O-o-o-o-OW cooker. All the rage in the 1960s and 70s. This one was like $9, I see similar ones on etsy for $32.




Second, a Bill Blass 3-Piece Men’s Suit. Wow! This gentlemen must have been a snappy dresser just like Roger Sterling from Mad Men. This formal suit is a dark gray brwon with the vest, pants and matching jacket. Sadly, not on sale. The vest for $14 and the pants with jacket were $30. Similar suits on ebay are $50 to $100 bucks. Bill Blass is a very well known designer and his label was inside the jacket from Dillard’s.




This 1970s typewriter in brown and yellow from Smith Corona. Coronet Super 12 which cost $15. These value at about $40 to $75 dollars on etsy.



Next up, a beauty salon item that seems to be a ladies hair dryer called a Futura 2 Custom Electric Stationery -Type Hair Dryer Hood for Commercial Use seems to be made by Revlon. Two of them were there.


Next, a black Singer sewing machine with a sewing cabinet.



Lots of kitchen items. This is a big retro stainless steel toaster for 4 pieces of bread and a mini-percolator for coffee seems to be aluminum and electric from the 60s or 70s. Similar ones go for $20 on etsy.



Next up, is a Mansfield Midway slide projector which I also left behind for some lucky shopper. This is a gray, green, brown metal dual slide projector in other words you can load 2 slides at a time. Came in a carrying case and has a Lumray lens on it. This are a bit hard to find but still only make $20 on etsy.


Last but not least they had a box with hundreds of old slides in them loaded in Kodak Carousel body trays. Most slides still good inside, I saw one with a kid at christmas from the 1950s or 1960s. These are not the projector itself but rather the trays you stored and loaded them in. I never realized you would have so many round trays for storage. My family stores ours in boxes that fit the horizontal type slide projector we have.


You may remember the Kodak Carousel from Mad Men and Don’s amazing pitch showing slides of his own happy life with Betty. Click here for a clip from youtube. This is why we love Don Draper.



Old forgotten photos and slides really get to me. It is sad that either the family died out or the remaining kids just didn’t care about the family photos. There were about 800 color slides in this storage bin! Back when a roll of film was a precious 12 or 24 pictures that was many years for most families as developing wasn’t cheap for a family on a tight budget. I would have rescued these slides but I have my own enormous family slide collection to look after. My brother was kind enough to scan more than 3,000 slides with his handy slide scanner. Since the film deteriorates and colors fade over time it is an important step in preservation.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. incrementalshaping
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 12:41:43

    Hi there, I discovered your blog today as I was on the hunt for a vintage crock pot. Cool blog! I’m a graduate student at MassArt in Boston. I’m looking for a crock pot exactly like the green one you posted. It’s challenging to find one with the ridges on the outside like in your photo. I hope it won’t seem strange to you that I’m asking where you got that one. Any direction you can give to me would be very helpful as I need to find one rather quickly to use in an art installation. The reason I need one like the one yo posted is because I’m working in autobiographical memory. My great-grand mother had one just like the one you posted. Many thanks, Stephanie


  2. vintage13
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 10:45:48

    That crock pot wasn’t in the thrift store the last time I stopped by. It is a bit different. Try searching “all american crockery cook pot”. I found another on ebay with the ridges.


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