Route 66 – Oklahoma – pt 1 – Stroud

Last summer I made a trip along a section of Route 66 in Oklahoma. From OKC to Stroud. An excellent resource is the website They have a beautiful free brochure that is like a mini-booklet with maps and pretty color photos.

Stroud and Chandler are small towns that are a good day trip from either OKC or Tulsa. If you don’t want to drive Rt 66 the whole way, it runs closely along the toll road. Sadly, traffic being diverted to the turnpike is part of what has Stroud struggling to keep its Main street active.

Stroud – Rock Cafe


 This neat old restaurant is a stone building (thus the name) which was buildt in 1936. Friendly staff and decent homestyle American diner food like burgers. They had a fire a few years ago but are back in business now.



We also stayed at the Skyliner Motel on Rt 66 which is only a few blocks away.


Nice old-fashioned motel. Staff was friendly. Room was neat and clean with the typical 1980s decor. It would be cool if they did a re-fashion back to a more 1960s style of bedding and furniture but as they are locally owned that may be out of their budget since Stroud doesn’t necessarily attract a lot of out-of-towners. If you want a really authentic experience this place is much better than a chain hotel. They have an awesome neon sign. They also grow veggies all around the bottom of the sign like eggplants, tomatoes and okra which I found charming.





In Stroud Rt 66 is also their Main Street. So this is like many small towns struggling to stay a live. They have some historic buildings along it with little shops and restaurants.

Check back on my text post where I go to OKC and visit the Round Barn and Pops which are on Rt 66.




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