Blue and Mint Green Bathrooms

In the USA ever since the 1920s we have been putting more and more color into our bathrooms. Some of the catalogs for ceramic tile and fixtures have almost crazy looking combos. This trend lasted up into the 1960s and then in the 70s it was wood or panelling with crazy wall-paper. Then in the 1980s, beige took over. Neutrals stuck around for the 90s and the 2000s. Now we get a bit more splashes of colors and with vintage revivals anything goes.

Browsing around real-estate sites like Trulia, I thought I’d share a few homes that still retain their original charming bathrooms in an array of colorful tiles. These happen to be from Oklahoma City but you can pick any city that has been around for a long time.

First up Mint & Aqua:



It can be decorated to look very nice though mint isn’t the most popular color for modern tastes. My advice is that navy star curtains likely aren’t the right fit 😉 This is from 4301 NW 46th and was buildt in 1956. It recently sold. Hope the new owners keep the green tile and perhaps change the blue stars shower curtain that in no way matches 🙂


This is sort of a gray blue mint green colored tile. Check out the blue roses on the wall paper, sort of like some of Betty Draper’s clothes from recent Mad Men episodes. The floor is also tile but in a small black and white pattern. This is from 3604 NW 19th St and is from a 3 bedroom house built in 1946.


Sky Blue

This blue beauty is from a ranch house built in 1952 at 2221 SW 62nd St. Nice blue ceramic tiles on the wall. The sink appears original and the vanity has the cute rounded shelves you normally see in kitchens. Black and white pattern on the floor in little tiles. This house also still has original white wood kitchen cabinets and corner sink.


Mint on Mint

This bathroom has pale mint with a darker mint or sage colored trim. Tiled shower and actually the walls are tiled to the ceiling with white ceramic tile above the darker trim line. Original sink and mirrored medicine cabinet. From 2205 SW 62nd St  which is a ranch style house built in 1953. Also has original wood kitchen cabinets and the 2nd bathroom is tiled floor to ceiling in gray on the bottom and white above.

Aqua and Pink



This aqua tile bathroom with a pink tub is from 1326 James Dr. You can see the sink and toilet have been replaced with a modern white version and the floor as well.

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  1. myfoxmystere
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 06:56:43

    It’s nice seeing how some homes across the US have stayed true to their original design. I suspect the home pictured with the modern white toilet and sink originally had fixtures that have obsolete hard to find faucets such as Universal Rundle and Sears. My late folks often had a hard time finding faucet packings for our bathroom sink, toilet and tub. Universal Rundle faucets and toilet ballcock packings were discontinued in the late 1960s, thus drying up part sources starting in the 1970s. For a few years in the 1980s, I often had to keep repacking the shower/tub faucets. A plumber replaced the U/R Shower faucets with a Price Pfister unit in 1991. My father ordered a marble tan sinktop with cabinets from Montgomery Ward to replace a beaten up peach bisque wall mount Universal Rundle sink. The marble tan sink is the closest color we were able to find to replace the beaten up old sink. I overhauled the toilet afterwards with a Fluidmaster fill valve, which eliminated a float ballcock, and replaced the tankball style flush valve with a new plastic unit. Overhauling the tank allowed me to keep the vintage look and save water.


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