Coat & Thai – Food Trailer Review

So a few weeks ago during SXSW I got to try one of the food trailers on S.Congress that I had heard about.

Coat & Thai

First off, adorable and clever name. Also very tasty food. Located in a prime location many other food trailers nearby and neat brick and mortar shops across the street. Nice tables with umbrellas set up in front too.


I ordered the Pad Thai. Pretty tasty. The noodles were good, had a little bit of spice to it. The bits of eggs in it were good. Came with a wedge of lime and a side of chopped peanuts. Some places make it with thick peanut sauce all over the noodles (which I don’t like), this dish was prepared the more traditional style which I like.


I will say the bees in this area are a little over-friendly. This of course is not the fault of this individual trailer but rather I think they are attracted to the trash cans and dumpster in this lot that have a lot of soda cans which have sweetness that the bees like. Same bee issue last summer when I went to this trailer grouping. Usually, the bees fly around checking out my food when I first got it thinking maybe this is a nice flower or better yet a can of coke. Once they realize my lovely noodles are not to their liking the move on to someone else.

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