Pink Bathroom – OKC edition

I grew up in Oklahoma City. Thanks to oil booms in its early days there are still a ton of old historic homes available today. Plus, these homes are very affordable compared to other cities. A large old home for $50,000 is fairly attainable here.

I thought I’d spotlight some of these real estate gems who still have charming original features.


The pink bathroom above is located at 700 SW 41st St. Buildt in 1959, it still has the pink bathtub, pink sink and pink ceramic tile laid diagonally on the floors, walls, and counter. The second bathroom in this house is also original diagonal ceramic tile.


This pale pink tile and mint trim bathroom is from 2711 N Lyon Blvd.  It is in 1948 stone ranch style house. Mint green and pink look good together and always remind me a bit of old0fashioned ice cream parlors.



How adorable is this pink and black bathroom. The tile is vintage gradient color ceramic tile in pale pink to a medium pink. Accented with a hot pink curtain and floral wallpaper in pink and pale mint green. This is from 2817 SW 54th Pl  and is from a ranch house built in 1958. It also has the original wood kitchen cabinets and groovy built-in divider to the breakfast nook.

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