Craigslist Repost – FREE Blue Bathroom set of tub, sinks and toilet

Noticed this FREE pale blue bathroom set on Craiglist in OKC. Blue bathtub, 2 blue sinks and a blue toilet.

These seem to have been snapped up by some lucky person as the listing is now down.


“Bathroom Tub/Faucets/Etc (NW OKC-Britton & May)

These are from a 1960’s bathroom. The tub is 5′ cast iron and is skirted on one side. There are two sinks (only one is shown in the picture) and both sinks have good working faucets. There is also a good working toilet. All of these are matching items in the blue shown in the picture. These are all out of the house and in good shape. These are all free, but you MUST take ALL of them and not individual pieces. You also must have the muscle to move the tub as it is very heavy.”

Note: this is not my listing I’m merely re-posting it so these beauties don’t go to waste. Go to the listing to contact seller via Craigslist.



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