Plant Sharing Website for FREE plants

Happy Spring! Time to get out in the garden!

Found a new gardening website that helps gardeners share free extra plants, seedlings, supplies or seeds with other local gardeners.


What to List?

Dividing your iris bulbs and have too many? Started seedlings of squash and made too many? Have extra planting containers, soil, tools or seeds? Huge crop of cucumbers to get rid of?

Make a listing (similar to a free Craigslist item or online classified). Someone else searches through listing and comes and picks them up. Generally, you leave them outside with a tag.

This is a new website so they are just starting up. Similar to Craigslist or FreeCycle but just for gardeners. Also, has searchable map and specific categories of plants, supplies, seeds, etc. A little more user friendly and glossy website too. Seems like a good idea as gardeners are generous and often have extras they don’t need. Maybe your new to the area and don’t already have a network of gardeners to share plants with. Hoping to get this started in Austin as I’ve seen a few listings in Oklahoma City.


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