Funny Odd Items Found at Thrift Stores

Occasionally, amongst all the generic 90s clothes and occasional vintage gem you find the random odd item at thrift stores that are amusing. Generally, I snap a pic and text it to my friends for a good laugh. So, I thought I’d share some of them with you. Sometimes, the item is so over the top that I buy it.


First up a lovely piece of unicorn artwork. That’s right framed ceramic tiles as art. No pre-teen bedroom in the 1980s would be complete without it! A stylized aqua, yellow and green unicorn by Krumbaugh marked 1980. This weird item made me laugh and think of the scene from Dodgeball where the ladies house is covered in unicorn decor. This gem was found at the Goodwill in the Oak Hill area of Austin. I left it there…but someone else must have bought it since I was there the next week and it was gone.


Next up… I Can’t Believe its not Butter! Really a romance novel with Fabio on the cover, bare chested and with a sword no less. Titled “Rogue” and no doubt a serious well written piece of literature. Apparently, actually written by Fabio (with collaboration by Eugenia Riley) He apparently wrote several popular historically themed bodice rippers novels. This I found at Savers on South Lamar for $1.99 and left it there. If you are dying for a copy it is still available on Amazon.


And last but not least, a hardcover cookbook with a jar of hunks of fish as the cover photo. What a clever use of a nice glass vase, fill it with scary pieces of fish! This is of course a Scandinavian cookbook.


This is a Time-Life book on the Foods of the World from 1968. While I’m sure the cover photo is unique, I can’t imagine why they didn’t go with any of the more appetizing looking color photos from the inside of say baked goods or even a different fish dish. This item was also at Savers on South Lamar for a whole $2.99. I have a weakness for buying cheap cookbooks so this one came home with me and will likely end up selling this one eventually.


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