Craigslist – Picture View – Awesome!

Craigslist jumped into the internet age!


Well, to be fair I understand their reluctance to change their already usable website to be more modern. They kept the classic bare bones look for simplicity and faster page load time. But in this day in age with iphones and high speed internet page loads aren’t that big of a deal. I’ve been wanting a picture view to quickly browse through searches for a long time. I even tried downloading apps with this feature but hadn’t found one I liked. Funny how we get picky over a totally free website with no ads that is genius to begin with.

Now Craigslist offers the user the choice of classic List View, Pic Vie, Grid View or Map View. Pic view has tiny pics sort of like an ebay list, the grid view offers larger photos and map view displays items by the location put in by the lister on a clickable map. I like grid view the best. Now I don’t have to spend hours clicking on items that aren’t right for me.

They apparently added this in Feb 2013 but it took me a few weeks to notice it.



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