Awesome Vintage Finds – St Vincent de Paul – Austin

Sooo, I found where all the cool vintage clothes have been hiding. They are at the St Vincent de Paul thrift store on South Congress.


This was my first time to make it out here at they usually close at 5pm. But during SXSW they are open late til around 10pm, plus I was off work so was able to stop by. Added bonus of music and handicrafts going on outside in their parking lot.

The St V de P, store itself is awesome for vintage as most items are sorted out as retro or formal wear and put up front. In some stores I don’t like this recognition as being tagged “vintage” as it usually triples the price. Not here! Things were still super reasonably priced. I got an adorable 1960s 2 piece brocade formal dress with matching jacket for $10. Most vintage items seemed to be priced between $10 to $40. The store also had a sale going on for certain colors of tags.

To be honest I don’t know how they manage to have so much vintage items in this store. In Austin finding a vintage item in a normal thrift store is challenging. Most other thrift stores here don’t get donation of retro items as Austin is still a rather young persons town so the number of elderly donating quality pieces is low. Plus, the stores are so picked clean by said young people that it is really a matter of luck to find something within days of being put out on the shop floor. On top of that with the slow economy thrift stores have become a “cool” place to find a good deal.

Since this is the only St Vincent De Paul store in Austin maybe they are sourcing from a larger area. Staff was friendly and the store was arranged neatly. The front had more of an eclectic boutique feel than most thrift stores which was nice. Makes sense as they compete with some of the vintage boutiques further down on S. Congress.

This St Vinny’s store is two levels so don’t forget the furniture, dishes and knick knacks in the upstairs section. If you fancy a virtual tour of the inside go to the Google Maps feature here.

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