Natural Gardener – Plant Nursery in West Austin


So, it is Spring here in Austin and time to get started with gardening. I’m still new to this area and was looking for a nice plant nursery as an alternative to the big box stores. Many years ago I worked at a family owned nursery so like to support them as they often have way better selection and customer service. Did a quick google search to see what my options are.


The Natural Gardener is in the Oak Hill area on Old Bee Cave Road. What an amazing place! I went last weekend and it was packed with people. They have a nice selection of bedding plants, veggies, trees, shrubs, and a greenhouse full of houseplants.


They also have nice display beds and a labyrinth. Below is one showing French Intensive Gardening which is sometimes called Square Foot Gardening.


They also have an area which shows the different garden styles: French, Asian, Texan, etc.


They also have chickens and goats which is always fun for the kids. Here is a very pretty rooster.



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