Thai Taste – My New Favorite Thai Place


Wow! The food was delicious, I almost wanted to lick my plate clean. Service was excellent and the waitress was friendly. The food was reasonably priced, only about $7 for lunch entree, egg roll and soup. I had the pad thai which was perfect and prepared super fast. Came with lemongrass chicken soup that was very yummy. Nice little restaurant, spacious, clean and simply decorated. In a strip mall by the HEB where Hwy 71 and 290 meet in the Oak Hill neighborhood of Austin. I believe they are open until 10pm which is a little bit later than other restaurants nearby.


Thai Taste reminded me of a Thai place back home where I would eat at least once a week. Seems like a family run restaurant and all the employees seem to be from Thailand which is a good sign that you’ll get authentic tasting food. I will definitely be coming here more often.


I’ve moved to the South side of Austin and have lots of shops and eateries to explore. Much closer to work and so much less traffic.

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