Thrift Store Finds – Goodwill on Brodie Lane

Went to a new (to me) thrift store here in Austin. It is a large one at Brodie Lane. Charming name for a street, right? Anywho, it is a nice area on the south side with other shops and restaurants nearby. Check out Galaxy Cafe about a block away.

I went on a Saturday which is never a good idea here as it was packed! Weekday evenings and especially Fri night are less crowded. Nice clean orderly store. Friendly clerk. I made some good finds. Found a wedding dress from Neiman Marcus in the 1980s by Watters and Watters A cream lace dropwaist romantic almost flapper style dress. I believe it was $25 which is more than I wanted to spend. Also a bridesmaid dress from Neiman Marcus in a taupe silk by Watters and Watters, most likely from the same owner. I find Goodwill’s clothes prices a bit high if its something I plan on selling on to someone else.

Knick knacks, shoes and books at Goodwill tend to be an amazing bargain. Today I was sort of looking for a pair of matching lamps for my nightstands. Moved to a new awesome apartment and my parents bought me the lilac endstands from Ikea. Pretty but too small for the existing ham-me-down lamps I had (and never really liked). Also, looking for large format art frames to put up as I have a lot of wall space to fill. Also, looking for a pair of boots to go on the trails in the Greenbelt by my house. Having specific goals while thrifting is a bit dangerous and usually sets you up to fail. Today I managed to get it all and stay under $50.

Pair of Lamps with Shades – $10 a piece

Figure lady lamp metal brass greek greco neoclassical

I love these! Now I know they border on tacky and 1980s bling. Try to see their potential. I had a plan to paint them silver (which you can see the results of in my next post). These Greek lady figure lamps sort of remind me of ornate metal Art Nouveau lamps. Technically, they are more neoclassical which I’ll get into in their own post. Always test lamps to see if they work unless you are willing to rewire them. This store even had a 24 hr warranty on lamps and electronics.

Large Format Picture Frames – $4.99 and $6.99


Ignore the ugly floral art inside them. I wanted them for the frames so I can put my own art inside. I plan to paint them black. The important pat is that the frame is sturdy and the glass is intact. You can’t buy a new 4×6 frame for these prices. These are sizes about 34×27 and 24×27. Find quality frames by looking at the back. Velvet frame backs, ones stamped with the place that framed them, ones with paper backing over the cardboard and staples holding the frame together and metal frames that you have to unscrew and pop out of the corners are good signs. Cheap cardboard with only bendable metal prongs a la dollar store frames aren’t the best.

Leather Ankle Boots – $12.99


Genuine leather ankle boots with two buckles. Sort of a biker type style for ladies. Zips up the side. Even have arch support. Not high heeled (which is popular and I think crazy). Size 11 and in good shape which isn’t easy to find. Thrift stores tend to have a lot of boots are reasonable prices. In this world of tennis shoes, people buy boots and then rarely wear them. New these boots made by Bass would be $75 to $200. Look for real leather as it lasts a long time and over time will conform to your foot and become more comfy. Plus buying vintage shows more respect of the little critter that died so you could have shoes. Always try the shoe on. Look at the sole and inside to see if they are past their prime.

Bonus: Little Green Liz Claiborne Frame – 99 cents


Green sort of enamel 4×6 frame for less than a dollar. Probably a modern frame from JCPenney that new would be over $20.


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