Edwardian Items at Goodwill Online

Shopping Goodwill online is rather like ebay for vintage items. Bidding, tons of items, and lots of 80s and 90s crapola. But occasionally you find the hidden gems like these lovely Edwardian items.


Edwardian jacket in white lace. A little pricey at $99 but it is a true antique. The seller from Kalamazoo even remembered to take a pic of the tag and look up the maker on wikipedia. Chas A. Stevens & Bros. Company who were a Chicago department store. It started in 1886 as a catalog business and eventually grew to 29 locations in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Up next a pair of two toned leather Edwardian boots for $25. Missing a few buttons on the ankles. Overall look in good shape. These come up pretty high and may actually be Victorian from the late 1800s.


Finally a neat Art Deco belt buckle from the 1910s or 20s for $14. Carved in black, green and gold. Made in Germany.


My only beef with Goodwill online is the pics could be better and zooming in would be nice. Also sometimes shipping is a bit high. I wish more sellers used USPS rather than UPS. UPS doesn’t sip to PO Boxes and usually cost more. Also, random note USPS Priority now has tracking via Delivery Confirmation included.

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