Retro Black & White Bathrooms

If I had a bathroom I would decorate in ceramic tile that is black and white. To me it is timeless. Could be art deco from the 1920s or 30s. Or even on up into mid century 1960s style. An added bonus is always being able to find replacement tiles and basically any color works as an accent.

These are a few nice tiled bathrooms I found while crusiing Trulia dreaming of houses I’ll never buy. Indeed I don’t even live in that city anymore, but I’m sure many young house hunters are snapping this beauties up.



I love the ornate mirror! I think the walls above tile are painted grey or pale blue. The floor is a pattern called windmill in white with black grout. Cute interior shutters on the window for privancy. These are from 3819 NW 21st St and it was buildt in 1950.


This bathroom has similar black trim but the counter has tiny little tiles in blacks and grays. Not sure if it is original but the 2nd bathroom in tan has a similar tile in tans. The kitchen in this house also has all the charming original wood cabinets. Located at 28 SE 56th St and buildt in 1962. Not wild about the newly installed floor but it is easily re-done.


This bathroom has an interesting black and white small diamond pattern. It is located at 2632 NW 27th St and is from 1939 in an art deco style.


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