Cream of Asparagus Soup (Crème d’asperges)


I love asparagus spears! They are totally delish if cooked correctly. Most people boil the hell out of them or forget to prep them correctly.

Fresh Asparagus has a tough stringy hard bit on the bottom. Before using bend the spears one by one until they snap. The bottom white purplish part is thrown away, the yummy green top half with the tips is then cooked. Some people cut off and use just the tips but that wastes a lot of good food. Then wrap spears back up with string or rubberband they came in put in a tall pot with a few inches of boiling water so they actually steam. Remove when al dente, toss with butter, slat, pepper, garlic powder and if you choose lemon juice. Another good way is to grill them dry on a BBQ.

Anywho, fresh asparagus plays no part in this soup recipe. Although you could use them if you choose, spears never last long enough as I gobble them up before soup making time.


For soup, I use the ones in jars or cans. I had never braved them before but saw some at the Dollar Store and thought I’d give them a try. The spears are intact and have good flavor, but are in fact the same consistency as the inside of canned peas or carrots (aka mush). I thought to myself not bad and would make a great soup.

Cream of Asparagus Soup


2 jar or can of asparagus

2 Potatoes

1 Onion

1 Can of Broth (Chicken, veg or even just water)

Heavy Whipping Cream, Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder

Step 1: Chop onion and potato, season with spices, coat with olive oil and roast in oven until edges are browned (about 30 min at 375).


Step 2: Put the jar of asparagus (and its juice) in a large pot with the potatoes and onions.


Step 3: Give it a bit of a mash like you would mashed potatoes. Then spoon mixture into food processor, blender or a hand blender. You may need to add a bit of broth or cream to get it to blend. It should come out like green mashed potatoes. At this stage they are actually totally delicious and would make a good Halloween dish.

Step 4: Add broth, cream or water to get to the consistency of soup you like. I like mine smooth but with an occasionally chunk of onion or potato.

Step 5: Add any additional salt, pepper, garlic according to taste. You can also add cumin, lemon juice or lime juice if you’d like. Top with French Fried Onions or croutons.



The smelly pee phenomenon: everyone gets it after eating asparagus. It is totally normal and nothing to worry about. It is just excess chemicals from digestion that smell pungent like sulfur. (Get it Pee S….)


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