Formica Turns 100

Formica is the company that invented laminate and is still the leader in supplying laminate counter-tops. If you are a lover of all things vintage you may remember the boomerang pattern, groovy colors, etc that were popular in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Well they have released some new patterns for their 100 anniversary as a company. Not a re-issue of old patterns (which we would all love). These are new patterns inspired by the history of Formica.


Available for orders starting Jan 31, 2013. You should be able to special order them from your typical Big Box stores even if they aren’t on display yet.

Ellipseuses the “hidden oval” in the iconic Formica brand logo to create a pattern in white, gray and two tone red.

Endlesscreates a digital grain from bars that is both futuristic and vintage in style. In blue, grays and black.

Dotscreenfeatures vibrant colors with a pattern of tiny dots in continuous ribbons. I like this one the best. In green, orange and blue (Mint, Tangelo and Aqua).

Halftonefeatures bright colors patterned with various sizes of toned dots inspired by the halftone printing process used in newspapers. In blue, yellow, and orange (Blueberry, Citrus and Tangelo.

For more pics visit the Formica site or the blog Retro Renovation.




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