Harrod’s Christmas Lights – Past & Present

Back when my parents lived in London in the 1970s, they lived not too far from Harrod’s department store. As my dad was an avid photographer he took this long exposure photo of the Harrod’s Christmas light display back in 1976.


Since I was in London for the 2012 holiday season, I thought I’d try to recreate it. I come pretty close. I should have put the older pic on my phone or something so I could stand in the right spot exactly.


Overall, the light display is very similar. Classic white lights running along the edges, arches and windows of the huge building. The modern one if you compare closely has a lot more lights along horizontal and smaller architectural features of the building. This was taken with my iphone 4s which is nice for low light photos. It is cropped down to match the area covered in the original photo and since it is 4mega pixel sort of has the graininess of the 35mm slide film photo. Check out the difference in the cars in the photos.

Here is another shot I took. This one shows the entire building from the outside just as it is getting dark outside. By the way this was taken on Boxing Day. (Not the smartest time to visit an already crowded store). Still we managed to get inside to wander around and my sister bought a present to take home from the Food Stall areas.



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