Christmas in London

Well, we had a lovely time in London for Christmas. Visited my brother who lives there. Went up in the London Eye for the first time very impressive views. Fast track to skip line is definitely worth it. Went to lots of museums: Bristish Museum, V&A Museum, National Gallery, and National Portrait Galley, and Natural History Museum. Went to a few street markets at Brick Lane and Camden and to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.


London Eye


Big Ben


Victoria & Albert Museum

Lovely Christmas lights everywhere hanging over the streets rather than on buildings mostly. Went to Harrod’s on Boxing Day (huge crowds). They have lovely Christmas lights on their building.


Covent Garden Christmas decorations


Harrod’s Christmas Lights


Christmas lights near Leicester Square

Weather wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. Light rain everyday but not too bad. Temps were about 40 F at night and 45 to 50 F during the day.

Watched fireworks from Trafalgar Square with a couple thousand other people.  Never done the big crowds before. We stood for 2 hrs but people were nice and it wasn’t rainy or cold. The most interesting part was after watching the crowds disperse. They close the local tube station once enough people got thru, walked to the next one, which was full and closed as well. Got to the third one which was open (and free) and zipped home.


The only draw back was the fireworks weren’t quite high enough. We realized the fireworks were centered on the London Eye for 2012. I think we all assumed they would be big enough to cover the area above Big Ben as well (which you can see from Trafalgar Sq.) . Nope we were wrong. Totally just over the London Eye. Also not high enough for the 6 storey building blocking most of our view.  Still very pretty, but I think they should have planned at least some of them to be higher up.

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