Simple Viewer: an Awseome Photo Slideshow Program

It’s a miracle! I’ve finally managed to make my own photo slideshow. Not an app or a plugin. A real folder on my website own gallery.

No big deal you say? Well maybe I’m a little slow… I’ve looked at several applications that make them but many seemed too complicated. Scripts, text editors, PHP, Flash, needing to use a photo editor you already had. Blah, blah. Too time consuming. I’ve tried some of the wordpress plugins too. They never seemed to work right.

Then I found Simple Viewer. It is intuitive, has a slick interface, and is FREE. (Well if you don’t mine a tiny link at the bottom of your slideshow to their webpage or want to upgrade to Pro). It worked on my Mac like a dream.

Thought I’d write a review and little “how to” create your own photo slideshow using SimpleViewer and your own website on bluehost or whatever webhost you may use.

How it works:

1. Download the Simple Viewer application from their website & Install on your computer.

2. Open program svBuilder, click New Gallery and drag & drop photos you want.


3. Add captions or drag to rearrange photo order.


4. Click Customize make any changes you want or click photo to preview your slideshow.


5. Click Publish which saves the slideshow, scripts and copies of your photos on a local folder to your Desktop.


6. Click Save and it will save everything to a folder on your computer a well as open a browser with a Preview of how your slideshow will look online.


7. Wait! You aren’t done yet! Notice the address bar of your browser. Still need to upload folder from your computer to your website. Your folder contents will look like this. I use an FTP program to login to my site and drag & drop the folder to my site. If you use a web based file manager for your site just upload and remember to maintain the file structure of the folder .


Now let’s see how my photo slideshow looks online.

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