Fashion Blogs for Men

Being a single girl I tend to stick to many blogs written by women for women. Whether it is a fashion blog, a thrifting blog, a photography blog or a foodie blog I just tend to gravitate to to female bloggers without even realizing it. Perhaps female bloggers outnumber male bloggers? Or maybe in terms of networking I’m simply clicking links on female blogs I already read.

In any case, there are lots of male bloggers out there. I decided to highlight a few.

The Sartorialist

A rather famous blog, that almost needs no introduction. Daily posts of fashion photography focusing on street photography in major cities like NYC, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and LA. Written by Scott Schuman a professional photographer and started in 2005 and now has a published book of the same name.

Valet Mag

While not a blog per se, it does offer short articles on a variety of subjects. Started in 2008 as a free online lifestyle magazine for men. I particularly like their article on buying a classic coat (as I’m a bit of a hoarder of nice coats for my Etsy shop).


 An Affordable Wardrobe

A fashion blog about a father dressing well on a budget. Written by Giuseppe Timore.  Lots of lovely suits, nice leather shoes and ascots. Mostly garnered from some careful thrift store shopping.

Black Watch

Blog with historical photos focusing on vintage fashion and cars.

Put This On

Dressing like a grown up.  A nice web series with articles and posts on style which often has videos.


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