Last weekend we went to one of the famous brunch spots here in Austin. It is located in an old Victorian Mansion and called Green Pastures Restaurant.

It is a buffet and let me tell you it is huge! There were things I wanted to try but was just too stuffed. A bit on the pricey -side but well worth it for special occasions. And considering what you might normally pay for appetizer, entree, dessert and beverage it isn’t so bad.

The inside is beautifully decorated in period details and the service is excellent. The grounds are also very nice with lots of live oak trees, a gazebo, and peacocks. There peacock is a all white one which is unique and he has a flock of peahens.


Golden Punch: (non-alcoholic) mix of orange, pineapple & various other juices.

Milk Punch: mix of ice cream bourbon, rum & brandy, it is to die for

Buffet: it varies but is French food meets Southern

Variety of salads, soups, appetizer, sides, entrees, breakfast items, desserts, chocolate fountain


Brunch: eggs Benedict, carrot curry soup, mussel, potato salad, green beans, spicy smoked salmon, fried eggplant, & veal terrine



Brunch: pork loin, roast beef, corn bread, pig in a blanket, pepperoni roll, quiche, deviled egg, sausage in artichoke sauce

Split Pea Dip, Spicy Gazpacho w/ pickled okra, pasta salad, tuna with greens, flat steak, chicken skewer and beef skewer, sprimp with various dipping sauces


Dessert: s’more, chocolate mousse, bread pudding, trifle, and a mint bar
(and they had way more options)



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