Forget Election Fever – Let’s Talk Fashion

So everyone seems to be going crazy about the upcoming presidential elections. My two cents: Obama has done well with a sticky situation overall. Not to mention improving our diplomatic standing around the globe. But really let’s talk about something less controversial: ball gowns.

First Ladies Inaugural Gowns

The Smithsonian has a lovely exhibit on the dresses that First Ladies wore to their inaugural events,  including Michelle Obama’s dress. Click on the photos to see a larger version


Martha Washington’s dress – 1780s

-pale silk taffeta brocade it a style typical of the period


Florence Harding – 1921

-gorgeous gold tulle and rhinestone-trimmed blue velvet

Here the dress is starting to get more modern and less with the corsets and petticoats.


Grace Coolidge – 1924

– flapper style dress of velvet-trimmed black-and-gold metallic lace over a gold lamé underdress


Mamie Eisenhower 1950s

– dark pink silk damask



Michelle Obama – 2009

– off the shoulder white silk chiffon


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