DIY Photography – Make Your Own Flash Bounce

#1 Best Tip for selling item on Etsy

        Take great photos of your items.

This can be difficult if you don’t have a fancy camera with an external flash or great existing lighting in a room. So how to do you take great photos indoors with a point and shoot camera?

Image    Image

Before                                                                      After

Using the buildt in flash on your camera that points just 100% straight forward produces washed out colors and harsh unflattering light.

For a under $5 you can make your own flash bounce to mimic professional lighting. Take a compact mirror and hold it in front of your flash angled slightly up towards the ceiling. Instead of the flash going straight to your item, it will hit the mirror and go up to the ceiling and reflect back down. This creates a more natural look with shadows. The human eye is used to this type of lighting as generally light comes from upwards be it from the sun or a light fixture.

This lighting is perfect for selling items online be it Etsy, Ebay or Craigslist. It also works well for indoor portraits. Be sure to use whatever available light you have from lamps in the room to help the camera have enough light to focus, etc.


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