Mad Men Season 5 Review

So the latest season of Mad Men has come and gone. It was certainly a whirlwind. Overall, a great storyline as usual. Good acting, touching moments (some shocking). Lovely costumes as expected (even if some are god-awful prints from the late 60s).


#1 Peggy Leaves!!!

I had noticed the foreshadowing of her being uphappy and taken for granted by Don. First taking a backseat to Mrs Draper in terms of advertising, then doing Don’s job of hiring and supervising other copywriters, being outshined by Ginsberg, Roger having her secretly do work for him, and Don being out right rude to her. The moment where she resigns and she finally says how much working for Don has meant to her and he kisses her hand to say goodbye was a heart wrenching moment. Good for her for standing up for herself. Too bad it is while Don is finally re-focusing on advertising and the firm is doing much better. I was terrified that they were totally taking her off the show. The season finale with its two little Peggy scenes gave me a bit of releif that maybe they will show her at the other agency occasionally. In my opinion next to Don she is the strongest character on the show. Her storyline is compelling a mirrors the entire 1960s with its changes for minority and the growing up of a nation from the relative innocence of the 1950s.


#2 Joan leaves her husband

One word: YAY I always hated her crappy husband. Why anyone as smart, sassy and beautiful as Joan would marry that weak and abusive man I have no idea. Glad she is posed to start being independent. I thought for awhile that he would be killed of in the Vietnam war but I guess a divorce works as well.


#3 Lane dies

This little storyline developed quickly and out of nowhere. So his troubles start with tax troubles and forging a bonus check to embezzle  money. This is rather surprising for someone so straight laced. Then he gets caught by Don and asked to resign. To top it all off Lane’s wife turns around and buys a car (a Jaguar no less) without asking him. Goes to show that you should talk with your wife about finances and furthermore probably not be married to someone you don’t love. Then he ends up hanging himself rather than facing the shame of losing his job.


#4 Joan becomes partner

Joan certainly deserves to be partner with all the work she does. How she gets it on the other hand is awful. One of the saddest storyline which I’m sure will turn around and bite Joan in the ass.  Having to sleep with a guy from Jaguar she totally isn’t interested in to assure that they get that account and worst of all all the other partners knowing and  asking her to do it. Don is the only one thinking of her best interests and doesn’t support it and goes to tell her not to do it and that it isn’t worth sacrificing her dignity (albeit he arrives too late as she has already done the deed).


#5 Betty & the cancer scare

Betty gains a ton of weight (enter fat-suit and ugly blue rose print shirt). She goes to the doctor who thinks maybe she has cancer which is causing it. Turns out she is just overeating out of depression. She eventually joins Weight Watchers learns to express her problems and emotions and goes on a diet. She has started trimming down a bit and likely by next season will be back to normal. Through this her new husband is supportive, as he is all and all pretty awesome. Betty grows up a little bit making her a better wife and mom.

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