Revlon Retro Compact – Love Pat

Recently bought a cool vintage compact that I’ve listed for sale on Etsy. It is a rectangular gold toned powder compact with an oak leaf pattern on it. A little online research revealed it was made by Revlon and called Love Pat. Not sure if this is blush or face powder as it seemed very pink to me. Now I notice a barely visible Revlon stamp on the powder puff. Thought I’d outline how I cleaned this baby up to be ready for sale.

Before Cleaning:


After Cleaning:


Step 1: Put some warm water and a gentle white facial soap (like Dove) and rub into the powder puff. Rinse and repeat as necessary. The puff with never be white again but will become more of a skin tone.

Step 2: Use a toothpick to remove as much of the old powder as possible. Mine had very little left in just the corners.

Step 3: Place is warm water with soap suds from the facial soap. Continue using toothpick or a toothbrush to remove makeup from the corners.

Step 4: Immediately dry metal compact.

Step 5: Place powder puff between tissues and press out the water. The blow dry on cool to get it a bit fluffy.

Step 6: The mirror can be difficult. Wipe with several tissues. If still not clean use a little rubbing alcohol or witch hazel on a tissue.

I choose to use a mild soap without perfume as this powder puff may eventually end up on someones face and I wouldn’t want anything that could irritate the skin. Also avoid harsh cleaners like Windex etc. Don’t put anything on the compact which you wouldn’t be comfortable putting on your face.


Now we have a lovely make up compact worthy of even Joan on Mad Men. The mirror is perfect and the clasp closes tightly.

You could try refilling it with powder and adding a new puff even. Or fill it with tiny mints or blotting papers.

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