Little Paris Kitchen

Found a new show I like on BBC. It is called Little Paris Kitchen. It is about a young chef named Rachel Khoo who is British but living in Paris as a food writer and chef. She cooks in her teeny tiny kitchen to work out recipes for her cookbook. So small she can almost touch the sides of each wall with her arms outstretched. She has a little portable 2 burner stove and a tiny almost toaster sized oven.


I also like her decor and sense of style. What a snappy dresser in Paris? Has sort of a vintage feel and her pots and pans are that old-fashioned style enamelware bowls, pans and casseroles.

Her recipes are interesting twists on traditional French cooking. She also usually has a section on each show where she goes out to markets shopping for ingredients or meets Parisians working in the food industry.


She also has a cheerful upbeat sort of personality. Not in the over-the-top sort of Rachel Ray sense but rather that she really enjoys cooking and life in urban Paris.

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